• Testimonials

  • Dr. Lorrents and his team are tops. My wife and I both needed implants. Dr. Lorrents did an excellent job. His staff is a group of caring professionals who really put you at ease in the office.

    Robert Freeman

  • I just had a root canal this morning with the amazing Dr. Lorents and his awesome assistant, Morgan. If you are unfortunate to have to have dental work, Dr. Lorents and his team, is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    Judy Siemens

  • My husband and I have been going to this clinic since 1998. Since then, we've had 3 kids and each started going when they were 3 yrs old. The staff is amazing. They are good at making sure we are in every 6 months for our regular cleaning and check ups. The hygienists have always been very gentle and have a way of making our kids feel comfortable and at ease. They actually look forward to getting their check ups done. The previous dentist recently retired. Dr. Lorents took over for her and has done a wonderful job acclimating to this clinic. He has made each of our family members feel important (not just another number) and seems very eager to fill Dr. Ratan's shoes. My family has been happy with Dr Edward Lorents and his staff.

    Lilibeth L.

  • I have been practicing Dental Hygiene for 27 years. It is by far the best practice i have worked in. Dr. Lorents is absolutely awesome. I actually have my entire family come here, not only to see me, but have their own dental work done here. In the past I would send them to another doctor to have the dental portion done. Not only my family, but so many of my patients tell me how pleased they are after experiencing the kind, gentle care that Dr. Lorents provided them. Several of them has told me " He really listened to me and cared about me, as a person, not just a patient". Many of our patients have expressed to several of us that when Dr. Lorents took over the practice, they were very nervous. They stayed because of the friendliness and care our staff has always provided. They stayed for us. Now, they stay and bring their friends and family because of us and our Most Awesome Doctor. We have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The entire staff is fantastic, everone gets along and works so well together. Talk about State of the Art, well that is an understatement. Dr. Lorents has always had the skills, vision and knowledge to move forward and provide the most advanced care to our patients. Now with this new practice, our patients will not only be experiencing the best care but the best State of the Art equipment to make it all possible. I envite everyone to check out our practice, you will not be disappointed. You will be greeted with a smile from the time you arrive, and through out your entire visit. We welcome all of you and your family's. We treat them as our own.

    Joni Roe